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Nanchang enterprise technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprises,The specialty is engaged in the letter of land and resources information system(GIS)The development of software、Technical support、Technical service and survey of land and resources、The information construction、Large professional application geographic database construction and maintenance services for the core business,Geographic information system application of industry to provide comprehensive solutions、Application system software development and technical support services、GISThe application of engineering construction、GISData acquisition and processing, such as professional services。

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  • Crime scene investigation

    Arrange technical personnel to come to site,To investigate site condition carries on the preliminary design scheme is put forward,So that you understand the effect of the design,And the budget is given。
  • To collect Data

    Mainly includes the construction of professional floor plan、Elevation、Section and the stairs、The wall、The detail in areas such as the ramp;The developer of the business license、Organization code;Construction drawing design documents review and notice。
  • Data collection

    According to the plan after approval of design,Real property surveying codes based on national standard and the Beijing local standards,On figure characteristic information acquisition calculation for the housing group operations within the relevant personnel jointly plan approval,Find out the problems in the graph。
  • The drawing area calculation

    Measuring personnel records house size drawing for individual plan,When necessary, within the scope of the specification allows adjust housing according to graphic closure size。
  • Issued by the surveying and mapping results

    Through the house of the surveying and mapping results to check,The client pay the fee of surveying and mapping,Surveying and mapping report issued by the regulation,The delegate signature of acceptance。

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